About Pastryology

Pastryology is inspired by the words Pastry+ology. Pastry, the fluffy and heavenly kind of food that once we smell it being baked we can’t not shove it all in our face, and ology is the English suffix of Greek origins which is used in the names of sciences. And so Pastryology is part magic and part science, where our trained Pastryologist-in-chief mixes, measures, and calculates to create the most enchanting pastries that will leave you under our spells to keep coming again and again.
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Whether you want to come to our place for our vibes, bring us into your home for your gatherings, or invite us to wow your colleagues at your next work event, we are here to make it happen. Our Bitezellas, Cakelits, and Tartfuls are hands down the best thing that can ever happen to your tongue, and they perfectly complement our specialty selection of coffee and shakes.
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